About project

          Sound systems designed by the Slonov Sound Design to order.

          The Slonov Sound Design produces sound systems since 2005.

          During this period, several systems developed according to individual designs of the clients have been realised. Each realized design became not just the regular sound-producing system, but a real masterpiece that was born in the process of combination of creator's efforts and exacting taste of the client.  Therefore, ordered sound system presented a unique embodiment of personal preferences of each client in music, acoustics and design!

          However, why is it better to design a sound system to order instead of buying the finished system? Why does the number of buyers enjoying the service "sound system designed to order" increase each year?

                   There are several answers available to these questions.  First of all, it is the same at to tailor a suit to order.  Men wearing the suits have too much different figures and ideas of an ideal suit. The same is attributed to audiophiles who have also different preferences and ideas of an ideal sound.  Secondly, aesthetic aspect: when a person buys a sound system made according to individual design, he/she receives not only the system, which reproduces sound tracks realistically to maximum, but it looks exactly as the client wants and, in addition, it is fitted harmoniously in the interior becoming the integral part of trendy home atmosphere!  Thirdly, if to talk about the Slonov Sound Design's systems, complexity of production technique of a speaker body and applied principle of active filtering exclude mass production of similar systems and suppose joint concept development for the prospective system and its sound with the client.

          An inevitable decline in fashionable passion for home theatres is observed during the last 2-3 years and return of the interest to classic stereo, and distribution of high-resolution sound records (96 kHz/24 и 192 kHz/24) and equipment for their  reproduction will add new impulse undoubtedly. The progress does not stand still, however, no matter how audio industry develops, availability of home Hi-End sound system, which provides opportunity to enjoy live and accurate sound, was and remains not so much indicator of success and status of its owner as his/her enlightenment, cultural level and true passion for music, which does not allow indulging in sound far from original.

          That is precisely why the Slonov Sound  Design making sound systems to order believes that it has a mission not only to satisfy the clients' needs in qualitative sound, but in individualization of home sound systems.

          Order exclusive sound system by calling the phone number: +7 (903) 136-23-64.