Product of the Year – 2012

Product of the Year – 2012 

The National Award "Product of the Year" is presented in Russia annually since 2004.  This event is considered as a very significant for the majority of specialists and consumers, since the best among the producers of audio-, video-, photo-, computer, and mobile and household equipment available at the Russian market are chosen within the award. 

The best ones are selected in 5 categories since 2012, specifically:

-    Audio and video technology;
-    Photographic technique, materials and equipment;
-    Mobile and digital devices;
-    Household appliances;
-    TOP High End.

The award jury is represented by the recognized domestic experts in the field of household,  audio-, video-, photo-, and mobile and computer equipment as well as by the editors of the leading special publications dedicated to technical innovations entered to the Russian market, including:

-   Consumer. Video&Audio;
-    IT Expert;
-    AudioShop;
-    PC Magazine;
-    Pro High End;
-    Salon Audio & Video etc.

During the event, all the jury members have distinguished especially among the participants the Hi-Fi System Series 200 designed by the Slonov Sound Design, which then received the National Award "Product of the Year" in the category TOP HIGH END in nomination "Jury Sympathy Prize".

Награждение-2 Slonov Sound Design на премии продукт года 2012