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Series 300

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Series 100

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Series 200

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Acoustic systems

          Many-year researches in the area of Hi-End acoustics made the Slonov Sound Design possible to collect innovative solutions used in the sound-reproducing systems manufactured by the market leaders and to combine them together into absolutely new system, which took successful place among the world class elite sound systems.

          This is confirmed by the fact that sound systems developed by the Slonov Sound Design have received  the National Award "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" in the category TOP HIGH END in 2012

       Slonov Sound Design offers the sound systems of three series:

       Series 100 (Flagship Hi-End sound system)
          Series 200 (Middle Level
Hi-Fi system)
          Series 300 (Basic Level Hi-Fi Sound Systems)


          Each of these models is united with common creation ideology and production technology.  High audio quality of sound systems is ensured with the following constructive peculiarities:

         – All sound systems offered by the Slonov Sound Design are designed exclusively to be used with principle of "active filtering", i.e. without internal passive crossovers.  Presence or absence of a passive filter in the speaker defines its design (in the first place – its volume).  Advantages of active filtering can be realized provided that initial acoustics is designed just for such connection.

         – Each loudspeaker is incorporated in its own body.  This allows creating the most favourable loading for its work, to exclude interference, to provide optimal arrangement of loudspeakers relative to each other, and to equalize phase performance.  Accordingly, maximum sound clarity and intelligibility of the Slonov Sound Design's systems is achieved.

        – The body represents several tens of alternating special veneer sheets and massive hardwood sheets (made of oak, ash, hornbeam etc.) adhesively-bonded together.  Thus, we have a massive 'sandwich' with the advantage to absorb resonances intrinsic to each material by the adjacent sheets of another material with different resonance-frequency behaviour. In that way, no any overtones of the body are observed in the entire system sound.  Such design allows reducing not only resonances of the body walls, but adding spherical and similar forms to internal speaker volume which are being the best in terms of acoustic reproduction.  A loudspeaker is attached to the body wall made of the ends of bonded sheets, which provide the most rigid support for the loudspeaker.  Wall width is 60 mm at least.  All this ensures maximum sound articulation.  "Configurator"  subsection is available for each series presented on our website, where you are given opportunity to examine inner arrangement of the sound system described in this item.

         – Speakers are covered with a layer of specific epoxy compound used for making yacht masts, ship hulls and bearing members of aircrafts in order to provide additional damping for the body walls as well as acoustical uncoupling of the loudspeaker baskets and the bodies .  In addition to incredible strength, this compound possesses acoustical properties similar to acrylic, which neutrality has found its broad application at production of the high-quality vinyl recorder tables. Coating width is more than 10 mm. The compound is reinforced with a glass fibre laminate sheet with thickness 5 mm. Thus, impact of loudspeaker basket resonances on the speaker sound is reduced.

         – A porous sound absorber of wool, foam rubber or felt type, which affects negatively a loudspeaker and sound specification are not available in the body of speakers.

         – Conventional terminals designed for connection to the power amplifiers are not used in the speakers. Therefore, it is managed to avoid harmful impact of transient processes in terminal blocks on system sound.

         Range and fundamental nature of bass register reproduction are being the key quality evaluation criteria of any loudspeaker system.  The size of bass loudspeaker plays an important role on the system and in fact defines its class.  Therefore, size of bass loudspeaker in the systems of Slonov Sound Design makes the greatest difference among the systems.

         System Series 100 fitted with 18-inch bass loudspeaker.

         System Series 200 – 15 inches.

         System Series 300 – 12 inches.

        The size of a bass loudspeaker determines a speaker size to a great extent, therefore the speakers of Series 100 are the biggest, and of Series 300 – the smallest one.  However, this does not mean that small speakers have worse sound quality compared to the big one.  They are just less amplitudinous than the original, but not less realistic.  Thus, everyone makes own decision which one of the available systems is being an embodiment of the best sound system.  Each series is capable to be integrated harmoniously into practically any interior and to indulge its owner with a magnificent sound!

        Any music fan would like to enjoy it at home. He or she would dream to move a feel of presence in the Vienna Philharmonic or in the Great Conservatory Hall to the own walls.  The majority believe such dream as a utopia, but it is absolutely possible to approach such feel close. This requires diverging from an opinion dominated among the audiophiles that bigger speakers with the big loudspeakers can be used only in the spacious premises, while they create buzz and mutter in the small rooms.  As opposed to bad acoustics, the good one may and must sound well in the small room.  It is just needed to consider a physical fact that if the room space is less than 30 cub.m, it will turn itself as a speaker and elevate low frequency level considerably, i.e. it will have too much bass.  When an ordinary system is installed in such room based on the principle "the more bass the better", which is accepted broadly at nowadays, we shall hear nothing except for bass.

        In view of the fact that the Slonov Sound Design's sound systems are designed with the purpose to obtain more or less linear characteristic even in the room with area 12 sq. m and ceiling height 2.5 m, a listener will feel just some surplus bass not interfering with music perception.  Besides design peculiarities of acoustics itself, an audiophile will enjoy of digital crossover possibilities, which ensure optimal tuning of the entire system with consideration of the room specifics.

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