120 model

Unusual Hi-End acoustics from Slonov Sound Design are considered by some to be female acoustics or acoustics for girls. Check it out and judge for yourself! It is very easy to buy Hi-End acoustics from Slonov Sound Design, one call is enough!

120 model

The flagship Hi-End speaker systems of the level are presented on the site with a line of systems of the 100th series. This is the most striking and extraordinary model, during the creation of which the only goal was pursued - to achieve perfection in the unity of sound and style.

Creating the top system of the production line, the founder of Slonov Sound Design, Alexei Slonov, refused any compromises regarding the size of the speakers, the materials used or the construction of the internal space and concentrated in these speakers all the best technical solutions in the field of acoustic system design available today. This is how this unusual Hi-End sound system was created.

Finding good sound among the abundance of different systems is a great success. Just like finding a real black diamond in the bowels of our Earth. This system seemed to their author to be such a black diamond.

The sound reproduced by this system makes it a real godsend for the audiophile. And the magnificent "cutting" used in the design of the system makes a delightful diamond out of an already beautiful and rare diamond. At the same time, it should be noted that the task of “cutting” is not only to decorate the system, but also to reduce the area of the frontal reflective surface and, consequently, reduce distortion. The application of the principle of "active filtering" allows you to make the sound even more alive, revealing its entire range in every facet. Obviously, no connoisseur of good sound, having once heard and seen this unusual Hi-End acoustics, will never forget its sound. Such finds in the world of sound are extremely rare!

Although its unusual forms are especially attractive to the representatives of the better half of humanity, you should not consider this system exclusively for women's acoustics, acoustics for girls, or, even more so, designer acoustics. This system was created by a man for men who understand sound and diamonds.

You can order exclusive acoustics or buy Hi-End acoustics from Slonov Sound Design, as well as agree on listening to the 100 series system, by contacting the CONTACTS section.

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  • MF: 1х ø 25 mm silk dome
  • MF: 1х ø 250 mm (8”) loudspeaker with paper cone
  • LF: 1х ø 380 mm (12”) loudspeaker with paper cone


  • HF: 90 dB/W/m, MF: 98 dB/W/m, LF: 97 dB/W/m

Maximum sound pressure

  • 127 dB

Frequency range

  • 35 Hz – 30 000 Hz

Nominal impedance

  • HF: 4 Ω (min.3 Ω)
  • MF: 8 Ω (min.5,1 Ω)
  • LF: 8 Ω (min.5,2 Ω)

Crossover frequencies:

  • LF-MF below 200 Hz
  • MF-HF below 3000 Hz

Recommended amplifier output:

  • HF: up to 100 W
  • MF: 100 – 400 W
  • LF: 100 – 500 W
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All acoustics in our company are created to order, which gives you unlimited possibilities in the design of the future system, i.e. you can choose not only any color, its shade or order an artistic painting of the system, but also completely change its design for yourself! We do not just make acoustics to order, we transfer your individuality into the design of a sound reproducing system!


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