Hi-End Sound System Series 100 designed by the Slonov Sound Design

This page provides you with opportunity to look at Hi-End Sound System Series 100 executed in different colour schemes.  The creator of this unique Hi-End acoustics developed five basic colours for the system.  Each colour is given a unique name.  It is worth to mention that the colours received their names deliberately.  All colour names for the system series 100 correspond to the names received by the biggest colour diamonds discovered in the Earth.

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Hi-End Sound System Series 100 is available in the following colours:

–     Classic black "Karbondo";

–     Diamond-white "Millennium Star";

–     Beige or light brown "Victoria-Transvaal";

–     Ruby red "Graff’s Purplish Red";

–     Canary yellow "Tiffany".

Our company makes all the sound systems to order, which provide you with unlimited opportunities to customize your future system, it means that you may choose not only any colour, its tint or order art painting for the system, but custom its entire design! We make not just sound systems to order, but we transfer your individuality into design of the sound-reproducing system!

On the left, you can find Photo Configurator, which allows to view the images proposed and to see how your system executed in different basic colours will look like.  To view images, click below on one of the colour options offered for the given Hi-End acoustics.

On the right, you can find Flash-Configurator, which turns sound system through 360˚, making you possible to view it from different angles. You can stop rotation at any time by clicking on a flash-image, and view interesting items in details by rotating system with simple mouse moves to any direction. By pressing on "Space" key, you can open Flash-Configurator in real size. In Flash-Configurator you can see not only system body executed in basic colours, but the system without a body, which allows you to evaluate design peculiarities of Hi-End Sound System Series 100.