230 model

Hi-Fi systems of the 200th series from Slonov Sound Design are a real galleon in the ocean of sound systems!

230 model

Hi-Fi acoustics of the middle level is represented by systems of the 200th series. This system has a form that is unusual for most buyers. To some, it even resembles a sailing ship - a galleon, which delights not only with its scale, but also with its sound-reproducing characteristics, which makes it a stylish point of attraction in any interior.

Creating a medium-priced Hi-Fi system for the production line, Alexey Slonov, the founder of Slonov Sound Design, used only the best technical solutions in the design of sound reproducing systems, which made it possible to develop a system with a non-trivial design that is not inferior in acoustic characteristics to Hi-Fi systems with familiar shapes .

The excellent sound of this system, combined with an unusual design, is a real find for all connoisseurs of good sound who prefer the highest quality in everything that surrounds them. It should be noted that the shape used in the design was chosen not only for the sake of beauty, but also for the sake of reducing the area of the front reflective surface, which makes it possible to reduce sound distortion. The principle of "active filtering" used in the design of the system allows you to make the sound even more alive, revealing its full range.

It was this system at the Hi-Fi Show 2012 at Crocus Expo in Moscow that was awarded the Product of the Year 2012 in the TOP HIGH END category in the nomination "Jury's Sympathy Award. Acoustic system (stereo) of Russian production."

You can sign up for an audition or agree on the purchase of a 200-series acoustic system by contacting the CONTACTS section.

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  • MF: 1х ø 25 mm silk dome
  • MF: 1х ø 250 mm (8”) loudspeaker with paper cone
  • LF: 1х ø 380 mm (12”) loudspeaker with paper cone


  • HF: 90 dB/W/m, MF: 98 dB/W/m, LF: 97 dB/W/m

Maximum sound pressure

  • 127 dB

Frequency range

  • 35 Hz – 30 000 Hz

Nominal impedance

  • HF: 4 Ω (min.3 Ω)
  • MF: 8 Ω (min.5,1 Ω)
  • LF: 8 Ω (min.5,2 Ω)

Crossover frequencies:

  • LF-MF below 200 Hz
  • MF-HF below 3000 Hz

Recommended amplifier output:

  • HF: up to 100 W
  • MF: 100 – 400 W
  • LF: 100 – 500 W
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All acoustics in our company are created to order, which gives you unlimited possibilities in the design of the future system, i.e. you can choose not only any color, its shade or order an artistic painting of the system, but also completely change its design for yourself! We do not just make acoustics to order, we transfer your individuality into the design of a sound reproducing system!


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